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Product Demo Webinar

Product Demo Webinar

Introduction To The Virtue Health Consortium

In a noisy world where nearly every coalition, consortium, and captive looks surprisingly similar, Virtue stands apart. Discover how brokers are differentiating themselves by framing, explaining, and selling partial self-funding in a private pool of other like-minded employers.

Webinar: Upgrade your clients: Self-fund strategy - With John Sbrocco

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There is another way

Upgrade Your Self-Funded Selling Strategy

John Sbrocco, the CEO Virtue Health, will discuss new strategies that you can use to generate sales.


How to convert F.I. prospects to self-funded clients with NO claims data or medical questionnaires.
Why traditional stop loss doesn’t work for small & mid-size businesses and puts the broker at risk.
Why “Public” group purchasing models can’t compete with “Private” ones.

Virtue Health Can Empower You

Experience For Yourself

Our group purchasing consortium enables companies, whether they have 50 or 500+ employees, to provide an exceptional experience for their staff, while also delivering significant financial benefits to their business.

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