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Massive Savings for this Municipality

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The City of Corbin, Kentucky Sees Massive Savings

Under Virtue Health, the city of Corbin, Kentucky, was not only able to reduce their municipality’s yearly health plan spend, they also received a surplus check at year’s end. The total savings over the first two years totaled more than $400,000.

Healthcare Savings Refund Check


A small city paid nearly $600,000 on health care benefits for its 100 employees through its fully-insured health care plan each year. Although we frequently discussed switching plans, leadership hesitated at the idea. 


After the initial cost modeling revealed their fully-insured plan locked them into expensive price increases every year, they agreed to transition into a partially self-funded plan with the flexibility of a value-based insurance design.


The city has saved more than $400,000 over the last two years while eliminating co-pays for prescription maintenance medications and slashing max out-of-pocket expenses for the employees by 45%. 

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Our group purchasing consortium enables companies, whether they have 50 or 500+ employees, to provide an exceptional experience for their staff, while also delivering significant financial benefits to their business.


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