Why Darren Hardy calls B.S. on Finding Your Passion

Why Darren Hardy calls B.S. on Finding Your Passion

Explore the power of purpose, from helping others to supporting your family, and discuss how embracing discomfort and building resilience are crucial for thriving in a competitive market.

We’re kicking it off with a very realistic episode. Craig Lack is the President of Catilize Health.

We dive heavily into how discipline and consistency are essential for overcoming challenges and finding success, even when passion fades.

And talk OPENLY about:

– The reality of passion in work and self-employment

– Why you don’t need to love every aspect of your work

– How discipline and habits drive success

– Embracing challenges and discomfort

– Finding purpose and staying motivated

– Developing a “savage” mindset in a competitive market

Here’s what we cover:
Overcome discomfort to achieve success
Prioritize discipline over passion
Invest in daily self-improvement.
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